2-3 Year Old Program

Our Early-Learning program is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. We implemented the Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies Gold, with an emphasis on STEM learning and individualized student portfolios. This will improve every child's advancements in school and life as the program is designed to enhance the overall educational experience of each student by focusing on the individual uniqueness of each child. 

Areas of Developmental Growth:

Socialization - To connect with others in various social settings that allows one to develop a harmonious relationship with their peers. Creative promotes this growth through themed team projects. 



Emotional - To develop confidence that builds independence and curiosity that encourages mature and cooperative behavior. 



Language - To communicate with others by verbally expressing their thoughts and opinions to their peers. Creative promotes this growth through various exploration lessons offered throughout the year.


Cognitive - To utilize prior Knowledge as a foundation for learning to integrate and organize sensory experiences and new information in order to question, make decisions, and solve problems.

Movement - To meticulously engage in specific physical activities while consciously considering their safety and awareness to others.

Creativity - To integrate and express their feelings through various forms of art. Creative promotes this growth by using themed based art projects. 




Our Hands-On Curriculum involves students to be actively involved in projects that are subject to our weekly themes. Our Preschool Curriculum at this stage ranges from involvement of transportation needs, scientific experiences, math and counting solutions, literature readiness skills ensures that each student has the ability to absorb these curriculum topics, at their diversified pace.

Projects - Our Projects are based on the weekly theme. For example, during our Community Helpers Theme, our children learn the importance of Community Helpers including but not limited to nurses, doctors, firemen, policemen, and volunteers. During this week, each Preschool class learns the importance of the duties and great responsibilities each of these individuals have. Daily Projects includes listing the importance of having community helpers and also has the opportunity to be visited by our local police and firemen! Each child enjoys this opportunity to truly understand the importance and duties of our local community helpers and has the chance to ask any questions that they may bear in mind.

Journals - Our Early-Learning "Paper-Plate" Journal coordinates with our weekly themes. These Paper-Plate Journals are found on the bulletin board outside your child's classroom. You will find your child's name on their project. We invite you to stop by and see your child's work. 

Learning Centers - Each Learning Center is specifically designed to encourage an educational experience for each child. Our Learning Centers included in our Preschool Program include of, but not limited to: 


Math Center                       Block Play Center                      Lego's Table                    

Housekeeping Center       Art Center                                  Dramatic Play                   

Manipulatives                    Computer Center                      Science Center        

Writing and Literature      Discovery Center                      Library Center



Creative Children's Center has provided an approved preschool program and quality childcare for the greater Myersville community for 25 years. 




603 Main Street
Myersville, MD 21773



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