Diversifying a Child's Developmental Needs

Intentional, purposeful, and fun learning centers to engage each child

We believe children from birth to preschool learn best with hands-on projects of interest. Our earliest learners have a different curriculum than preschool programs to diversify their developmental needs. For instance, infant and toddlers learn best through sensory exploration whereas our preschool programs learn language development through listening and linguistics.


All programs offered at Creative emphasize on science, technology, engineering, arts, and music, and include several learning centers to enhance STEAM in the classroom for child-directed play. Our learning centers extend the content discussed in Large Group Meeting time each day based on weekly activities and themes of each program.

Learning Centers include:


Early Learning Standards indicate this subject area is where children are the furthest behind when they go to Kindergarten. Click here to find out more.

Dramatic Play

To elaborate on theatre arts and imagination. "Playing" intrigues children to naturally improve their linguistic skills. Click here to find out more.


To emphasize the importance of language and to promote children to learn to read and listen as they approach kindergarten.


To promote problem solving and fine motor development. Click here to find out more. 


In the younger programs, this center focuses more on letter tracing. For the older programs, we promote children to learn to write their name and sight words that will propel them in Kindergarten and beyond.


Learning through experiments and asking questions about the world. Click here to find out more.


To promote the creative form and uniqueness of the individual child. Click here to find out more. 

We believe in diversity and teaching the future to be kind and respectful. Although we all may look different, we are all the same on the inside. This is instilled in our teaching practices. We encourage different cultures and languages and celebrate different holidays and throughout the year to promote diversity and an open-mind about experiences other families and friends might share. 

While each child is different, we focus on the developmental domains of early childhood education. As your child grows and develops from birth to five years old, we find it equally important to focus on the educational aspect just as much as physical development. 

Our Infant through Early Learning Programs use the Creative Curriculum. Our Transitional Program uses Houghton-Mifflin's Big Day for PreK, and our Kindergarten Readiness program uses Children Study Their World (a curriculum from University of Maryland Center for Early Childhood Education).


To learn to properly socialize in a large and small group setting. To promote learning responsible behavior and acquiring respect for individual differences.


To promote a positive self-image, trust, independence, and harmony, and to develop self-control.


To communicate with others by verbally expressing their thoughts and opinions. We promote learning experiences that help emerging literacy skills.


To develop knowledge through exploration and discovery in science, art, and music; to build a number sense. Promoting learning through making decisions and learning to problem solve.

Gross Motor Movement

To meticulously engage in specific physical activities while consciously considering their safety and awareness to others.

Fine Motor Movement

Improving small muscle development by improving their hand/eye coordination, and encouraging hands- on experiences. 

Self-Help Skills

To promote independence and encouragement that their able to put on their shirt or brush their teeth by themselves. 


To integrate and express their feelings through through making independent choices and promoting active learning. 

Our Developmental Goals

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