Frequently asked questions

How do I enroll my child at Creative Children's Center?

There are many ways that you can enroll your child. The easiest way is to call us at 301-293-4373 from 6:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Monday - Friday and speak with one of our certified staff members. If you would like a tour of our facility, have questions regarding tuition rates, or if you have questions that are specific to your family's needs, please give us a call. In order for us to properly enroll your child, a client packet must be reviewed, completed and returned to the Creative Children's Center prior to your child's first day.

Do I need to sign a Childcare Contract?

Yes. There is a Childcare Contract that must be signed each year by at least one parent for each child that will be enrolled at the Creative Children's Center. This contract outlines which program your child/children will be enrolled in and the requirements of the specific program.

Is there a Registration Fee for my Child?

Yes. There is an annual registration fee $150 per child. This fee is due at the the time of re-enrollment each year. This fee is non-negotiable, refundable and is included in the Childcare Contract.

Tuition, is it affordable?

We understand the implications and impact of childcare on your budget. It is important to realize that we offer competitive tuition rates for your child. Tuition rates for your child varies, depending on the age, program and schedule. We aspire to maintain the lowest rates available as it applies to other local Caregivers. These options are included in the Childcare Contract and something that can be discussed in greater detail with the Director, during the enrollment process. We make this transition as pleasant as possible for you and the family. We are here to help, so please let us know how we can be of assistance. For your convenience, our school is opened on days that Frederick County Public Schools are Closed and/or delayed. Extra day fees may apply to your monthly statement on these days. For further questions or concerns, please feel free to address them with our Center's Director during the enrollment process.

What Discounts, if any, does Creative Children's Center offer?

The Creative Children's Center has implemented new policy to offer discounts to you and your family! We are proud to offer the following discounts and incentive programs to our clients: Sibling Discount - A 10% discount will be granted to one child, when two children from the same/immediate family are enrolled full time.

* Full-Time is defined as 5 full days of attendance per week, as approved on your Enrollment Agreement Form.
* Discounts are applied to the lowest tuition rate

*Accounts must remain current for these discounts to apply.

What are the Hours of Operation for Creative Children's Center?

For your convenience, the Center is open Monday - Friday from 6:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. On days of inclement weather, we have a good record of being open for your convenience. When FCPS are closed, Preschool is not held on these days at CCC.

What safety Precautions does the Creative Children's Center exercise to keep my child safe?

Child safety is a key aspect that our facility espouses through our daily operations. The most important means of child safety is to ensure that our facility is secured. The Facility uses state-of-the-art technology that ensures that all children and teachers are safe every day. Our front entrance is equipped with secured, double bolted locks, that are secure and can only be accessed by a means of using an approved Key Fob, provided at the time of enrollment. All other entry points are also secured with an alarm system that directly notifies emergency dispatch. We are conveniently located only 1/2 mile from our local fire station.

Safety in the classroom is also something that our facility offers to our students. Our trained teachers have elaborate plans and drills that are practiced at least twice per year, for each classroom. Emergency's that are practiced include of weather emergency drills and lock-down procedures. We are required to conduct a fire drill once per month. Our trained staff are aware of possible emergency situations that may take place, at a time when we may least expect it.

All electrical outlets have been replaced with tamper-proof recepticals. We exercise cleanliness practices with your child each and every day. At Creative, we believe that in order to experience the best educational experience, our students must be in good health to do so.

Each classroom is sterilized at the end of each day and every toy is hand sanitized once every week or on an as-needed-basis. Our Facility strives to keep our toys and classrooms in excellent condition and readily available for every student to use. We strive to continue to keep our facility as clean as possible to mitigate health safety issues for all students and teachers.

When Frederick County Public Schools are closed, does this mean Creative Children's Center is closed as well?

No! For the convenience of our childcare families, we maintain a great record of opening our facility on School Snow Days and late openings or early dismissals. There are several options that you may use of to know if our Center is closed or delayed, due to inclement weather.

Option #1 - The Creative Children's Center has implemented an Emergency Alert Text Message System. All families will receive an automated text message from for any school delays, dismissals and/or closures. Notifications will also be sent out for weather-related emergencies or emergency lockdowns and evacuations.

Option #2 - All families will receive an email by 5 A.M. regarding the status of the Center. Emails will come directly from to provide as much notice as possible for our families.

Option #3 - CCC will update the home page of our website to inform families of any delays or closures, both for Frederick County Public Schools as well as our childcare and preschool programs.

Is parking an issue when picking up or dropping off my child?

No. We would like to advise you that when you are dropping off or picking up your child, please do not park in the two spaces reserved for the church, in front of the Parsonage (Red Brick House). These spaces are reserved for the Pastor and other employees of the Church. For the safety of your child and other children being dropped off, please turn your vehicle off and escort your child into the building and into his/her designated classroom. Be advised that during pick-up, you must sign-in your child by using our biometric login station in the front lobby. We appreciate your cooperation, to increase safety precautions that our center has initiated.

Does Creative take the children on Field Trips?

Yes! Creative greatly enjoys taking the children to various places throughout the year. The Preschoolers enjoy going to the Great Frederick Fair, Jumbo's Pumpkin Patch, Catoctin Nature Center, local Playgrounds etc. every year. During our Summer Enrichment Program, Camp Creative, our Kindergarten Readiness and School-Age campers attend weekly field trips. These campers enjoy trips to the bowling alley, several parks and museums within Frederick County Maryland, various nature trails and much more. The Creative Children's Center Bus is on the move throughout the year, ready to take students on their next adventure around the State of Maryland!

We are conveniently located on Main Street, Myersville. Our School is only one mile from I-70 and .2 miles from Myersville Elementary School with off-street parking available.


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Creative Children's Center has provided an approved preschool program and quality childcare for the greater Myersville community for 25 years. 




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